Self-Care to Do List

You Need to Spend Time in Nature

Being in Nature is a basic human need.

It is powerful, grounding and healing.

Being in nature gives us energy.

Spend a few minutes in nature every day.


Self-Care to Combat Chronic Stress

Everyone has times where they feel stressed, whether it be from work, school exams or home life.

But recently we have seen the world as we knew it change due to Covid. We all have worries over health, travel and regulations on the life we lead changing.


7 Habits of Healthy People

Healthy people take care of their health as a matter of routine, so it happens without thinking.

They take care of themselves because they enjoy living and want to get the best out of life.

Healthy people live by routines that work for them. They have learned the rules and are organised.


Advice for Youthful, Healthy Skin

It is said that you may begin life with the face you were born with, but by the time you reach your early forties you have the face you have earned.

You can have youthful skin at any age if you nurture nature.

Good skin is not just a sign of beauty, but also a sign of your inner health.

What is good for your health is good for your skin.


Amazing Uses for Permea Plus 100% Virgin Argan Oil

Permea Plus 100% Virgin Argan Oil is produced from a trusted, certified-organic source in Morocco and is made from 100% pure, cold-pressed, virgin Argan Oil.

If you are looking to de-clutter your beauty cabinet and simplify your beauty routine, Permea Plus 100% Virgin Argan Oil can become your go-to multipurpose natural product, and it is particularly beneficial for those who live in harsh desert climates.


Hair Care in Areas of Desalinated Water

Desalination is the process of converting seawater to drinking or tap water.

If the water comes from a treatment plant, which derives the water from the sea, it is called desalinated water.

As a result, the treatment plants must add more chlorine to kill bacteria and then add lime (a calcium compound) to help control the chlorine levels.

Desalinated water is hungry water that can have a drying effect on the hair.


What is the Solution to Hair Loss?

There are several reasons for hair loss and it can be a very distressing situation.

But the good news is that most hair loss is temporary and can be treated!

The first step is always to identify the cause and then find the best solution.


Why do I need a Collagen Supplement after 30?

Collagen is very important for keeping our bodies healthy, young and strong.

When we are young, our skin is made up of at least 75% collagen. It gives your skin that sheen and firmness of youth.

After the age of about 30, the level of collagen in the body deteriorates by 1.5% each year.


Your Complete Guide to a Healthy Menopause

The menopause happens because a woman runs out of eggs. Without eggs, the hormones oestrogen and progesterone decline and no longer stimulate the lining of the womb to prepare for a baby.

Eventually, over the course of a few years, menstruation ceases. The average age for the onset of menopause is forty-eight but its symptoms have been recorded in women as early as forty.


Your Guide to Maintaining Vitality

For men, maintaining vitality isn’t just about maintaining your sex drive, it’s about retaining a sense of youthfulness and strength.

You can improve your vitality by improving your health.

Good health and vitality go together. You want to be fit, strong and healthy!

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